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Friday, September 11, 2009

Pedco UltraClamp

Pedco UltraClampA few months ago, I posted a few videos I took doing aerobatics in the Super Decathlon. Before I successfully took these videos, I tried several unsuccessful attempts to mount the camera inside the plane. That's when my flight instructor told me about the Pedco UltraClamp.

I am extremely impressed with this device. It took me 30 seconds to attach the Pedco UltraClamp to the camera and to clamp the camera to the internal frame of the cockpit. This kept the camera up and out of the way which allowed me to safely concentrate on flying the airplane while the UltraClamp took care of the camera.

At first, I was a little concerned about the safety and stability of the Pedco UltraClamp, so I picked up a little airspeed and pulled about 4.5 Gs. The camera didn't even budge. I went through a set of basic aerobatic maneuvers and everything held on great. Then, I threw everything I could at it and still . . . the Pedco UltraClamp held fast.

Next, I wanna clamp it to my Motorcycle and see how the ride to work looks from 6 inches off the freeway :).

Have fun. Be safe. Happy Piloting.
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